Top Outdoor Yoga Spots in Hong Kong!

Now for those of us that do Yoga, there are an infinite number of motivations and reasons for doing so, some people want to find balance and peace in their own headspace, some do it for more direct health and fitness reasons. Whatever the reason you found yourself doing Yoga for in the first place, we can all agree that when you are doing your exercises it’s nice to have some peace, quiet and overall tranquility to help you breathe and focus on the task at hand.

This is why many people, even here in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, choose to do their Yoga exercises outdoors. While this does take getting used to in terms of being self-conscious, once you push past that point it actually becomes very soothing and you end up forgetting you are in public at all. To help you transition to outdoor yoga, BoBuy has compiled a list of the top spots around the city to practice.

Pat Sin Leng Park

A great little spot frequented by Mahjong playing locals who will be more than happy to keep you company while you stretch it out. A real close knit family feeling will soon come to regulars of the park.

The Peak Trail

As well as offering a stunning view as you go up, there are a few spots along the way away from the traffic where you could enjoy a sunset yoga session to round off a hectic week. However, this should be considered for people who are fairly fit  as a great way to help get in shape is to jog your way up the trail as far as you can until you find a suitable Yoga spot as this will help you warm up and stay limber through your exercise.

Victoria Park

A spot that has become synonymous with sleepy Sunday family days and elderly people doing Thai Chi and other gentle forms of exercise, this little slice of heaven has a very close communal feeling and is a great spot to get your yoga on. Be considerate of the fact there are family’s around and perhaps don’t wear the very tightest of tight yoga pants in your arsenal.


Whichever of these spots you want to explore for your Yoga needs, BoBuy can help you find a great Yoga course to help you achieve everything you want to and more. Why not check out our review of the top yoga providers on our platform by clicking here.