Top 5 Hot New Facial Treatments Hitting Hong Kong

Top 5 Hot New Facial Treatments Hitting Hong Kong

Living in Hong Kong means that you are most likely a busy person, running from meeting to meeting and furiously working to meet company deadlines. This idea kind of clashes with the concept of having to look your best at all times. After all who wants to turn up for that important board meeting with scruffy hair, pallid skin and bags under their eyes?

However finding Hong Kong’s best beauty services can sometimes be a difficult task with the amount of choice and competition for your attention, it can be really hard to find something that fits into your budget and goals. But people are innovating all the time and keeping up to date with the latest happenings in the local industry is key. So let’s review what’s hot right now in the Hong Kong beauty scene!

Kerstin Florian Facial Treatments

Price Range: 350HK$ to 500HK$

Best for: Those seeking high end, all-encompassing treatments.

The new line of beauty treatments by Kirsten Florian is a psychedelic mix of traditional healing and relaxation methods fused with cutting edge research and science. The Kirsten Florian line offers many different treatments and solutions to keep the exterior clean and radiant, whilst soothing your mind and soul and easing the tension you may be feeling from your responsibilities at work.

This is best suited for those looking for a whole range of high quality and prestigious treatments for a number of different issues and applications. And whilst treatments can be in the more expensive range, for us, it has massive bang for your buck.

Natura Bissé 3D Collagen Shock Facial

Price Range: 550HK$ to 850HK$

Best for: People who want long term results from a single session

Hot off the heels of major celebrity endorsements from the likes of Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus, the new facial line from Natura Bissé has taken the globe by storm as being facial that delivers noticeable improvements to skin tautness and the “ironing out” of lines in the face at the same time being praised for how long their results last for.

It is a three step process of exfoliation and toning, before a silicone layer and two kinds of collagen are applied to the face, leaving on commentator to feel like she was some kind of dessert being prepared on a cooking show! All jokes aside, with the likes of Beyoncé endorsing the effectiveness of these products, they are well worth their price tag.

JOYCE Beauty Signature Facial

Price range: 650HK$ to 750HK$

Best for: people looking for a good all-round treatment session

One of the newer offerings from JOYCE Beauty, a staple of the Hong Kong beauty scene for many years now, the signature facial is an hour long session that starts which combines and initial scrub treatment with a 5 minuet micro-current and after that a 50 minuet facial mask paired with warmed Rose Quartz crystals in order to induce a relaxed and peaceful energy release. All of this with the end goal of leaving you with a glowing and properly hydrated facial complexion with a significant reduction in pore size and wonderfully elastic appearance.

If you are looking for a well-rounded and “multipack” style of treatments then this is most certainly for you.

Skin Reviver Facial by Pevonia

Price range: 380HK$ to 500HK$

Best for: Those looking for a great skin treatment at a super reasonable price

While Pevonia may not have the backing of music industry giants like Beyoncé or Miley Cyrus, it is nevertheless highly regarded across Hong Kong’s beauty scene for its great results and even greater price. Often times the Skin Reviver Facial by Pevonia is often the first port of call for the younger crowd who want to make an impression without spending all of their wages on a single treatment.

People who use this treatment regularly say that it leaves their skin perfectly moisturized with a returned feeling of freshness and elasticity to the skin whilst at the same time exfoliating and toning the skin.

Dermalogica Revitalizing Eye Rescue

Price range: 300HK$ to 380HK$

Best for: older women looking to reduce eye wrinkles and puffiness

Coming from probably one of the most famous producers of aged skincare products for the industry there is, Dermalogica has a long history of offering groundbreaking innovations and consistently reasonable prices to its customers.  And the Dermalogica Revitalizations Eye Rescue treatment is one of the best solution for the common problem of bags under the eyes, puffiness and slack skin around the eyes that becomes prevalent as you get older, and you can have confidence in the Dermalogica brand as industry leaders to provide solutions that bring results.

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