Relax and Unwind in Hong Kong, a City Workers Guide

Hong Kong is a fast moving and stressful place to make your home. Granted this is all positive news for anyone looking to build a great career path for themselves but it also has its drawback as most of you reading this will already know. Due to demanding employers and even more ambitious employees it is thought that HKL has one of the worst work to life ratios in the whole of Asia. What’s worse is that with the steady rise in gentrification across different sectors of Hong Kong, finding an enjoyable and affordable way to relax is becoming more and more difficult.

So that is why we here at BoBuy look to bring you the extraordinary at more ordinary prices, however sometimes it’s the little day to day things that we neglect that can mean the world of difference to our stress levels, so let’s take a look at some relaxing activities that you can enjoy across the city to help you unwind from work.


As we are in Asia, it is no surprise that, meditation makes this list. Being a very important part of Buddhist Philosophy it is very easy to find experienced and qualified teachers who can teach everything from passive mediation techniques like chakra chanting and breath meditation, to more exotic forms like Kundalindi and Dynamic meditation, which are much more animated and concerned with bringing out your inner energy.

There are many ways to find new ways to meditate, there are whole forums and groups dedicated to meeting up and sharing wisdom or knowledge on how to find inner balance and peace, alternatively, for more personal one to one sessions, you should consider finding a meditation coach through BoBuy.

Spa Days:

Now we all know how relaxed a good spa treatment can make you feel. These days are all about focusing on you and making you feel relaxed, calm and totally de-stressed, and the form and makeup of your spa day is often completely up to you and the person coming up with your treatment plan. This can vary from massages and hot tubs, to herbal scrubs and aromatherapy treatments, all with the aim of completely relaxing every fiber of your body.

You can also find great deals on boutique spa’s at exclusive prices with BoBuy, so download the app and check out our wide range of providers!

Personal time:

Lastly this may seem like a slightly strange suggestion but hear me out. Most people living in HK are stuck between their family lives and work, if you then have a fitness routine or social life, this can all lead to you not taking adequate time away from everything to spend with yourself.

This is crucial in making you feel relaxed and at peace with yourself, so take yourself for a 1 person coffee date, go and sit in the park for a few hours and watch the sunset. Whatever you do, use that time to think through your problems and truly relax your mind.