How to handle the work/life balance in Hong Kong

Anybody who spends even a small amount of extended time in Hong Kong will tell you of a vibrant and exciting city in which there is always something exciting to do or experience and you are never short of quality services to choose from. You could spend two weeks on holiday in HK and still only scratch the surface. But we are talking about those working or doing business in Hong Kong and for them, It can be a different story.

Hong Kong is most definitely a city that works just as hard as it plays. With 10 hour work days and grueling overtime shifts the norm in people looking to advance your career, one of the major complaints about being an expat, or working in general, is the difficulty of finding time to balance your free time with that that you are spent in the office.

So take our advice that could help even the most ambitious of Hong Kong’s rising stars to find a good ratio in their lives.

Be firm with your employer

While being employed in any occupation is great and you should be excited and enthusiastic, don’t let that blind you to the ulterior motives of your employer. After all they have a business to run and make profitable and you happen to work for them. In addition to Hong Kong being a very aggressive business environment so naturally they will want you to work as hard as you can at full capacity all the time. Not only is this damaging for your personal life, but it can also affect your health in the long run.

Sure the odd Saturday worked or all-nighter to hit that deadline won’t push you over the limit, that being said, you have to set clear and firm boundaries and expectations of what you are willing to do for them and when. A bit of tact goes a long way so why not check out this article from The Balance Careers on the correct way to ask your boss for more time off.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

As a wise man once said, “all victories come with great planning” and in the case of your spare time, this is doubly true. For a start, all of the best stuff in Hong Kong happens on Saturday. And if you spend the first half of Saturday morning thinking, and then arguing with your partner about what you guys want to do this weekend, you are already missing the most crucial part of your weekend. Discuss it in the week, form a strategy and execute it! After all, your time is limited, but the human capacity for indecision is not!


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