How Boxing Training can improve your overall fitness!

Organized fighting and marital arts has been a staple of sporting ever since the ancient Greek times and probably well before then also. It is something which people across the world enjoy watching and participating in. However it is no secret that top level fighters are among the most physically fit people in the world in certain respects as the various martial sport tends to forge hardened and highly conditioned individuals.

Fighting is tiring and as a professional or even amateur, having a baseline level of fitness that as well maintained is crucial not just to just competing but also to actually learning the more advanced techniques and progressing through the various stages of training. However it is because of this that there are a number of reasons you should consider taking up boxing as a compliment to your current training regime.

It Beefs up your Cardio game!

It is a slightly worn out piece of advice, but very relevant and true never the less, good cardiovascular health helps protect you from the dangers of coronary heart disease, burn high levels of calories and to help you drive off the extra fat from your body and  maintain your ideal body weight. However in recent years people equate the word “cardio” with “endless sessions on the treadmill” and its simply not true and boxing is a testament to that.

The end goal of cardio training is to place your body and more specifically, your heart and lungs under stress that there are ready and trained to take on anything that your environment may throw at it. And to help it fuel a higher level of physical strain. And boxing training helps put your lungs and circulatory system under stress with its many quick jabs and things like skipping training all designed to not only make you a better fighter but to help you sharpen your cardiovascular system.

Practical skills, learnt.

Let’s not beat around the bush with this one (if you will excuse the terrible joke) and one of the main reason boxing is such a good way to get fit is that it teaches you something that you can use, practice and develop in your own time. It may just seem as though you are learning something which won’t apply to you. But you never know when you may be called to defend yourself or somebody you love. Boxing training is a fun and lighthearted way to prepare you for such situations.


This may seem like a slightly ambiguous one to mention, however it is a very relevant thing to bring into this context as discipline is something that everybody struggles with from time to time. Whether that is the discipline to not eat another plate of noodles on a rainy day at home or to actually push your training to the limit in the gym on a hot day, boxing will help to teach you self-motivation and responsibility to yourself.