Hong Kong Summer Skincare Guide!

Ahh summer! While for most denizens of Hong Kong the summer is a time filled with fun trips to the park, observance of culture at some of the most beautiful temples in the island and carefree fun with family and friends. However, all of this fun comes at a cost. Sometimes financial, and other times aesthetically! Summertime in Hong Kong is world renowned for being hot, humid and hard to handle, which can play havoc with your carefully crafted image.
However, BoBuy is here to help with our guide on how to keep your skin in perfect condition and ready for anything the summer will throw at you!

Scrubs and “de-oilers”
Now we know that you probably already know this, but one of the major downsides about humid and/or hot weather for your skin is how sweaty, greasy and uncomfortable it makes your skin feel after only a short time outside. This can cause blemishes and spots to appear which will obviously make you feel neither attractive nor very comfortable. However there are luckily a whole host of products and mixtures that can help you overcome this dilemma.
Now you could very easily walk into the nearest chemist or supermarket and pick up a bottle of the most ubiquitous cleansing wipes or lotions that you can find, however a more budget friendly and, some may argue, more effective solution would be to simply buy a lemon, heat up some water and mix the juice with the water and then apply with a cotton wool ball. Simple! Here are a few more suggestions for homemade scrubs by VKool.


Keep Hydrated
As much as you may think this is counter intuitive for your skin with how much its sweating, you definitely want to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water whilst you travel around Hong Kong’s unforgiving fug of humidity. This is not just for your skin but in general you need to keep topped up on water. However problems with skin tone and flushed cheeks are all too common a sign of a Hong Konger who hasn’t drunk enough water!
Its good practice to get in the habit of always carrying a bottle around with you, for Hong Kong, and other hot climates around the world.


Book a treatment.
Fortunately for you Hong Kong has a thriving and much lauded beauty scene that has come up in the past decade or so. These establishments range from cheap and cheerful mall stores with less room than a shoebox, to grandiose hotel “treatment centers” that have all of the latest trends in skincare trade.
Do you know what is better than a relaxing and rejuvenating facial? Getting an amazing deal on a relaxing and rejuvenating facial through BoBuy’s App and our boutique Spa Partners!