Hairstyle trends in Hong Kong 2018

Everybody wants to reinvent their look all the time. We spend countless hours traipsing through shopping centers and malls, through boutique clothing outfitters and more humble stores. Always looking for that one accessory or piece of clothing that will help us further define our look with something coming from the exterior. But most of us never stop to think exactly what needs changing and when. So when was the last time you did a total evaluation of every aspect of yourself and how that ties into your appearance?

Most people tend to overlook the simple fact of how much their hairstyle contributes to their overall look. For example, you can have the finest clothes straight from the boutiques of Prada and Gucci, but if you hair is greasy, tangled, a mess or just plain boring then the impact that those clothes have will sometimes be negated. So let us give you some inspiration by looking at a few of Hong Kong’s top styles of 2018!


One of the things that has been most lauded throughout the 2018 period of HK hair styles is individuality! Everybody likes to be individual and stand out from the crowd and to some extent, so should your hair. Although it should stand out for the right reason, and this is where color can help you drastically! A well-coordinated color that truly matches you chosen style can really help you achieve a unique look without as much hassle and stress of constantly fixing your hair.

The first step you should take is to talk to your stylist and find out what their opinion is. They will probably have samples for you to try and we would also suggest going to a transitional, more mild color before going the whole hog and dying all your hair neon pink because you like the color in the salon.


Many women these days are throwing off the societal dictated rules of what are classified as men’s and women’s styles. With some women choosing to shave their heads, a traditionally male style of wearing the hair, as a way to achieve their own sense of individuality with their look. However, before you get the wrong idea, most do not completely shave their heads, but merely part of their scalps to further extenuate the quality of their haircut.

For example, shaving one side of the temple is seen as a very chic and ”punk” way to wear your hair without going to crazy.


As surprising as it may sound, with all of the variety and innovation in Asian hair styling, a lot of people have decided to go for the easy to maintain and simple elegance of traditional styles like plaits and bobs. The simpler your look is, the easier it is for you to fix at all times. It’s all very well and good having an ultra-complicated style but at the end of the day if you have to visit the stylist every 3 days to fix it becomes more impractical than beautiful.