Grind Time! Our Top picks for you to get your sweat on!

To say that somebody “enjoys” dieting and a rigorous schedule of exercise, after all if everybody could eat chocolate cake all the time and still get a six pack whilst watching Netflix, we all would right? Sadly that is far from the case and no matter how good your Gym or Fitness class is, it always requires a certain amount of personal effort. But the choice of establishment that you choose to pour your blood, sweat, tears and last vestiges of your street food lifestyle into is an extremely important decision, not
just in terms of amount of equipment or price, we are talking in terms of motivation.

If you don’t at least enjoy some element of visiting your gym or fitness class then a solid regime of exercise will become even harder to stick to in the long run. So whether its high quality facilities that tickle your fancy or a fun and dynamic workout with lots of variation, here is BoBuys top picks for getting
fit in Hong Kong.

Phoenix Fight Club Hong Kong
Who it’s for: those looking to gain skills and practical fighting experience from reputable trainers whilst getting fit.

Situated on the break point between Central and Sheung Wan, Phoenix Fight Club is a martial arts gym with the main emphasis being on fitness based combat exercises in various different kinds of self- defense styles such as Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jujitsu as well as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes, which have long been praised for their various cardio, strength and conditioning exercises.
The thing that sets Phoenix apart from the rest in its league is the experienced, qualified and multilingual coaches, most of whom are retired or current fighters with their own personal records of wins and losses. This allows them to provide high quality tutelage with real word examples and advice from experience fighters to back up their words.

Who it’s for: People looking for a practical martial arts workout balanced between professional fight training and fitness exercises.
Anybody who is remotely involved in the fitness scene in Hong Kong will at least be vaguely aware of Impakt’s reputation for its high quality fight training, indeed they were something of innovators as they were one of the first specialized fighting and fitness centers in Hong Kong. Nestled in the very heart of Central Hong Kong, its premises is an easy and convenient ride from most areas of the city.
What makes them truly special is that they are able to cater for pretty much any kind of fitness and health goal you may have. With their personalized fitness regimens which take into account everything from your age, goals, current fitness levels and other aspects of your lifestyle ion order to find the best match for you, your goals and your schedule. Click the following link for more information about their martial arts fitness classes in Central Hong Kong.

Optimum Performance Studio’s
Who it’s for: Those looking for a small group classes to lose weight in a high quality, low pressure studio that fuses fun activities with rigorous exercises.

The problem with not being happy with our own body-image, is we are not only worried about what we think of ourselves, we also become self-conscious about how others view us, and unfortunately when this happens it makes us less incentivized to get out there and hit a crowded gym. Well the guys over at Optimum Performance Studios have come up with some great, fun and all inclusive activities which fuse the art having fun, getting fit and feeling positive about exercise all into one. Offering different classes dependent on what kind of fitness appeals to you most. From classes solely focused on Core Strength and conditioning, to whole classes focused on changing your attitude to physical exercise and stimuli with fun activities, everything that Optimum Studios offers is done with a positive, can-do attitude and a genuine interest in you performance. So if you are looking for a fitness class that can really help you not just get in shape, but stay on the right track with fun activities, then click the following link to find out more about their beginners fitness classes.


Our Two Cents
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