3 Quick treatments you can find in Hong Kong

If you live in Hong Kong then the words “rat race” will most likely run through your head at least 5 or 6 times a day. With everything that takes up your time during the day it’s a wonder there is time for us to do anything at all in the day. From travelling to and from work, to pushing yourself that little further at work and everything else that we do to keep ourselves ahead in the game of life.

So you shouldn’t feel so bad that on occasion you’re normally perfect and highly regimented beauty schedule goes out of the window, so to speak, in favor of your intense work schedule. However, you need to keep yourself looking the part at all time and Hong Kong’s beauty industry has adapted to foresee this and many salons offer a range of different treatment options to suit those on need of a quick fix! So let’s delve into Hong Kong’s world of convenience beauty!

Deep Sea Essence for Wrinkles Eye Treatment

Price: $380 for 20 mins

It’s said by many that the eyes are the windows into the soul, and what could be more passionate and captivating than having the mineral essence of the ocean revitalizing your eyes? This rapid treatment will only take you 20 minutes, but as anybody over the age of 50 will tell you prevention is the best defense against premature ageing and particularly when it comes to the skin around your eyes as it is prone to showing signs of stress, age and sleep deprivation rapidly.

This is a great treatment for those who are looking for a quick eye treatment to fit into their busy schedule. This has all the power of a professional hour long session, packed into one mineral packed 20 minuet session.

Express Skin Booster Facial for Men

Price: $680 for 30 minutes

And now to focus on the gentlemen very briefly, this quick and easy facial rejuvenation treatment will have through the door and out again in the time it takes to blink! But when you leave your face will feel as though it is brand spanking new and you will radiate your primal manly essence through every pore in your body. Coming from a provider with a long history of excellence and prestige for delivering high quality treatments to clients on a time restriction. Men’s skincare is something that most guys overlook, however, you should be aware of how important it is to your overall look!

SELA Instant Perfection Express Facial (30 minutes at $680 before discount)

Anybody who has even a small amount of experience in beauty treatments and therapy will have heard of the universally celebrated and much-loved SELA line of products, this sleek and easy facial is exactly what you need to pull your skin out of the slump and back into the action! Loaded with effective and highly studied and researched active ingredients that work wonders for your complexion, it also comes with the added cherry-on-top of detoxing and cleansing the skin of impurities at the same time!