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About Us

BoBuy's journey began in Hong Kong of March 2017. It was founded with you in mind, with the mission of saving you money on all the leisurely things you desire, and providing you both an inspiration and a platform to try out new things. Life is full of surprises, and you never know when you'll have spare time. That's why our awesome, hardworking team designed BoBuy for everyone and everything: children and teens looking for fun activities to participate in, parents who have a day off and some time for themselves to relax, couples desiring to share wonderful experiences together, beloved pets that deserve to be pampered, and even cars and/or vehicles that require the attention and care to continue to look brand new can benefit from immediate, spontaneous deals on the things they love and would like to try. But how do we do it? We partner with incredible, local businesses to specially offer the best coupons and/or vouchers for your favorite services with easy and secure payment methods in our innovative apps, so that they're instantaneously available for you whenever you want them, based on your location and schedule. Beauty & Spa, Wellness, Fitness, Games, Pets Spa, Automotive, and much, much more can be found exclusively discounted for a limited time only of 24 hours in our apps by our 350+ partners! It's that simple! With BoBuy, saving on the things you love has never been easier, and it helps us accomplish our goal of helping you spend less, live more!

Want to partner with us? We are constantly searching for new partners to advertise, help reach out to more customers, and make sure everything is still trendy and exciting! We welcome all kinds of interesting and quality local businesses; the more diverse the better! Sounds like your business? Contact us today! Spend less, attract more!

Stay tuned, soon we will be launching in more cities near you, such as: New York City, London, and Tokyo!